I survived the Valentine’s Day party

But just barely.

In the morning I greeted the children at the door, as usual, and ended up with four or five little boxes of chocolates on my lap.  Princess came over to greet me, still all bundled up in her jacket, and she saw the boxes I was holding.  She furrowed her brow, perhaps realizing that she didn’t have a box of chocolates to give me.

“I have a rock.”  She showed it to me.  “It’s my favorite rock.”

I smiled at her, but before I could say anything, she held it out —

“It’s for you, teacher.”

So now I have five boxes of chocolates and a little rock.  I think I like the rock best.

As for the rest of the morning, it was exhausting.  I had a grandma volunteer, two moms, and a volunteer from the university.  Lola 2 was signed up to bring chocolate milk, which she and her brother lugged off the school bus, but Lola 1 showed up without her white milk.  I gave one of the moms money to run to the gas station and buy more, and as she was coming back, Lola’s mom showed up.  With the milk.  She doesn’t speak any English, so I didn’t say anything to her about the milk, but it was okay. 

The kids were really jazzed up — except for Leo, who kept his cool all morning, surprisingly.  They went to music and the grownups madly decorated the room and put out all the food and organized the activities.  Then when the kids came back it was all kind of rushed — a blur of noise and doilies and red paint…..

When I got home today I went to bed for two hours.


9 thoughts on “I survived the Valentine’s Day party

  1. You can’t imagine how jealous I am after reading that you had FIVE adults volunteering to help you today!!! That’s awesome. Chicago students had yesterday off for Lincoln’s birthday, today off for a staff development day and Monday they’ll be off for President’s Day. A five-day weekend, woo hoo! We kinda just ignored the whole Valentine thing. A few kids’ parents showed up throughout the day with treats, but not one student brought Valentines to school. Probably because their mean teacher made absolutely NO mention of Valentine’s Day in the newsletter…. I had little cards, of course with pencils and candy to go with them. But, actually, it was a nice afternoon on Wednesday. The kids ate the few treats they received, and we watched the Charlie Brown Valentine movie, and things remained calm, for the most part. 🙂

  2. Yours sounds nicer than mine. I woke up feeling dizzy and stayed that way most of the day, plus I think I was having hot flashes during the morning. (Am I that old? No way, couldn’t be!) So I felt like crap for the whole party.

    And yes, it was great to have volunteers, but with me and Miss Slinger and our new Amelia Bedelia (the original went off to pursue her dreams of acting and fame) in the room as well, there were EIGHT adults in my tiny classroom with my eighteen bouncing-off-the-walls kids.

    And the thing that made me kind of sad was that only about half the class brought something to share — valentines or candies. The rest didn’t bring anything at all. I don’t think I’ve ever had a class where less than 90% brought valentines.

  3. Ah, Valentine’s Day… one of those days that does NOT make me miss classroom teaching! There are about 5 such days; the other 180 I spend wondering how it is I work in education and yet rarely see actual children…. Congratulations; you deserved to go to bed for two hours!

  4. Congratulations on surviving the V-Day fests! That’s a serious accomplishment. Especially with all those volunteers in the room. In my experience, they just make things worse because the kids try to get away with too much.

    I’m jealous of your rock.

  5. Valentine’s Day leaves me wondering why we do these things. I had help too but it was still hectic and I think the kids had a lot more fun just building and painting that day. The only thing they were interested in was getting to eat candy and I had them take all their valentines home so mom and dad got to deal with that part. Hate to be a grump but I wonder what the kids are getting out of these celebrations.

  6. Juliann, that’s funny. I was thinking, what am *I* getting out of these celebrations?! The kids loved it. We decorated the room while they were at music, and when they came back, there were lights up, and hanging hearts, and pink paper on the tables, with heart-shaped doily placemats and heart plates and cups, and yummy snacks. We had cookies, apple slices, grapes, popcorn, and chocolate milk. They were absolutely thrilled.

  7. Those parties are exhausting aren’t they? I was sad I missed mine. My best gift: A sand shovel wrapped up in a picture drawn by the child. I rec’d it yesterday from him. I think he liked our little pencil gift we gave him.

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