bear cave

We had a happy day today.  It was a nice change.

The children have been a little wild, a little off for a while now, and I’ve been exhausted.  I don’t know which comes first, the chicken or the egg, but I’m going to the doctor on Wednesday to talk about my chronic tiredness.

On Friday I went home after a morning of conferences so tired I could hardly drive.  I took an hour and a half nap, which was great, but this was after having slept 9 hours the night before!  Anyway, for whatever reason, I’ve been very tired, and it may be affecting the kids’ behavior to have a teacher who is not 100% on top of her game.  On the other hand, maybe it’s their wild behavior that is wearing me out….

But back to happiness.  And bears.  Today was our first day learning about Bears, and I’d had this inspiration that we should turn our dramatic play center into a bear cave.  It was up to Miss Slinger and our volunteer from the university to put my idea into action.  While the kids were at music, the two of them crinkled, cut, and taped big sheets of paper, and we ended up with a terrific bear cave. 

The children were so happy when they got back to the room, and our centers time was really fun.  We had bears growling and catching fish in the bear cave, I played bear concentration with the two Lolas and Ferdinand (Lola 2 won the first few games, while Lola 1 watched silently, and then Lola 1 started winning every game after that), Miss Slinger had Leo and some other kids painting pictures of bears with watercolors in the art center, my volunteer did a counting bears activity in the math center, and Harold read books about bears in the reading corner.

The only sad moment was at clean up, when Ruby took the book she was making at the writing center over to the bear cave, and Harold, who had moved to the bear cave at that point, growled at her and BIT her book.  Ruby’s face crumpled in tears — “there’s a WET spot!” she told Miss Slinger — so I reached out my arms and Ruby collapsed against my shoulder and cried very quietly.

It was still a good day.


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