Corduroy caps off our morning

It was a busy morning.  I had a meeting — and I helped present a little part of the professional development we had before school — and I did not have a prep, so I got down to the classroom right before the kids arrived, and then realized the long list of things I’d need to accomplish while they were there.  Augh.  I always feel guilty if I’m sitting at my desk while the children are present.  Couldn’t be helped, though.

I had a volunteer from the university, and Miss Nelson and Miss Slinger were both there, so we had plenty of bodies.  Miss Nelson, though….I realize that I still don’t trust her after that unpleasant incident in January.  It is stressful working in the same room with someone you don’t trust or feel comfortable around.  Perhaps that is why I am so tired all the time?

It was one little girl’s last day, so we had to get all her stuff together, and make her a card.

We made teddy bears out of paper, with arms and legs and head attached to the body with brass fasteners, and it was amazing how well the children did.  In the fall they’d have never been able to handle a project like this.

And we finished the morning with Corduroy.  I did a repeated interactive read-aloud, and it went really well.  Several children really got into discussing the book, and kept raising their hands.  I was tired when the morning was over, but our wonderful reading of Corduroy made the busy morning feel like a success.


3 thoughts on “Corduroy caps off our morning

  1. In the fall they’d have never been able to handle a project like this.

    I, too, have been marveling at this very thing with my first graders, really thinking about what they do now that they just couldn’t do several months ago. It’s an amazing realization to have — and I love to share it with them, too: “Guess what I noticed about our work period today…”

  2. Awww…that makes me miss reading Corduroy to my PreK kids back in the day!

    Wait a second…why aren’t I reading it to my 3rd graders? Bet they’ve never even heard of it…and I know they’ll love it, too (they like ANY read aloud, since they rarely get any). Guess what I’ll be doing Monday afternoon…thanks for inspiration.

  3. Hi Kiri,
    I would love to learn more about the “repeated interactive read-aloud” process. Would you mind sharing resources?

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