two is not better than one

At my staff development workshop yesterday I learned that the district is planning to add an afternoon session of pre-K to my school.

This is not good news.  I would have first dibs at that position, of course, but I like working part-time and I doubt that I would take it.  So that means some other teacher will be teaching the afternoon class, and I will have to share my classroom.

It isn’t about the act of sharing, so much as it is about the size of my classroom.  Other pre-K teachers in my district have told me, “I could never teach in your room; I don’t know how you do it.”  It is probably the smallest pre-K classroom in the district. 

And I do not have room for another teacher’s books, blocks, files, etc.  Augh, just the thought of trying to sort through it all and get rid of tons of stuff…..

I spoke to the woman responsible for making this decision about my concerns, and hope that I planted a seed.  It’s not 100% official yet, and maybe she’ll change her mind, and add an afternoon session to one of the schools that has been begging for it.

She says it’s about the “numbers” — the data suggests that there is a demand for more pre-K at my school.  I suppose it’s possible that, as I have a reputation in the neighborhood, more parents try to get their kids into my class (for September) in February, when the school request cards are due.  But if they don’t get in, those parents just find another alternative.  Overall I don’t think there is any overwhelming demand for preK at my school.


2 thoughts on “two is not better than one

  1. I lose. There will be an afternoon class, and I will have to share my tiny classroom. I let out a string of profanity when I got the news; lucky there were no kids in the room at the time.

    I will make the best of it, somehow.

  2. Hi Kiri,
    You will make the best of it. It will work out. Keep us posted
    Change and challenges are very difficult but they can be opportunities for growth. My team is experiencing a similar situation at our public school pre-k.

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