“was there blood?!”

Today I sat with Ruby at the writing center. After she was done coloring some bears, I asked her if she’d like to tell me a bear story, and that I would write it down, and later, read it to the class.  She agreed with enthusiasm.  Here is her story, as well as I can remember it:

“The bears were walking.  Then they saw a store.  There were people in it.  The bears ate all the people.  And the kids were all safe.  Then the bears saw a strange house.  There were robbers in it.  The bears went in and got caught.  But then they got away and they ate all the robbers.  The end.”

This story had an electrifying effect on my class, when I read it to them at storytime.

Owen said, his eyes gleaming, “Was there blood?!”

“No,” I said firmly, “there was no mention of blood.”

I changed the subject.  “Tomorrow I’ll be at the writing center if you’d like me to write down your bear story.”

“Mine is going to be scary!” said Owen.

“Mine is going to be really scary!” said Swimmy.

I think I will be surrounded by boys and scary bear stories tomorrow.  I can’t wait.

4 thoughts on ““was there blood?!”

  1. Isn’t that interesting that even though there was no mention of blood other than the bears “eating them up” that they zoomed in on that part? Funny how little boys’ minds work!

  2. haha! moments like this are always fun! I love when I share a “sample story” that 1/2 the class ends up with a very similar story…no matter how many times I tell then to use THEIR impagination! 🙂 Have fun listening to all those tomorrow!

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