Yesterday the bear cave was gone, and the house corner was back.  The Lolas were in there, chattering away in Spanish, when Princess decided to join them.  She turned into a very noisy cat.  Within minutes I heard Princess yelling,

“Teacher!  They’re leaving the house corner!”  She was shocked.

I called to her from my seat at the math center, “Sorry honey.  They are allowed to leave the house corner if they want to.”

Princess sat on the floor of the house corner and pouted.  I felt bad for her; they might have left because she was so loud, or because of the language barrier.  However, after a few busy minutes of ordering bears with some little boys at the math center, I looked up to see that the Lolas were back in the house.  They were busy making food.

Princess was sitting at the table, talking on the “phone.”  (She had our little wooden iron for the house corner ironing board up to her ear.)

“Police?!  I need your help!”  she said, and launched into a long monologue.  I could only get bits and pieces.

At one point, she said, “They’re just talking in Spanish!  And I can’t understand them!” 

After a while I noticed that Edward, who was seated at the lego table, right behind Princess with his back to hers, was talking into his hand.  He had decided she was talking to him on her pretend phone, and so he was talking back!

They had a long conversation, during which time they never turned to look at each other, and Edward never stopped building his legos.

Finally, he had enough.  “Bye! ” he said.  And hung up.

Princess yelled, “Edward!” into the phone, then held it out to look at it.  “What?!” she said, then “Humph!” and hung it up.

Miss Slinger and I were dissolved in giggles.


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