Word wizards, continued

The children are starting to understand what I’m trying to do with the Word Wizard poster.  I wrote on it the three words for this week — disappointed, excited, and lonely — and then we made tally marks every time we used (or heard someone use) any of the words.

Ruby got it first.  Almost every day in Morning Meeting she has raised her hand to say something like, “I’m excited to go to a meeting with my daddy,” or “I’m excited to go to my Grandma’s house.”  Miss Slinger and I have, unfortunately, had several opportunities to say, “I’m very disappointed in your behavior.”

But the best of all is a little boy we’ll call Russell (for Russell the Sheep, who can’t get to sleep), whose mother sent me an email to let me know that Russell said “I’m disappointed that Daddy didn’t give my little brother enough salad” at dinner the other night.  She didn’t know where he got that word until she saw the letter in his backpack about our Word Wizard words of the week.


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