Princess can write her name!  As of April 1, 2009, the girl can actually write her whole name!

Miss Slinger has been working with her for weeks — no, months — on this task.  Princess was the only one left in the class who couldn’t do it, and she made no progress on it whatsoever from September to March.  Well, she learned to write the first letter, sort of, in around December or January.

In my classroom, after I greet the children at the door in the morning, they go in and sign their names in our sign-in book.  It’s very sweet — we get a little line-up of kids chatting and waiting to sign their names.  We started on the first day, and only Harold could do it.  None of the others could,  but after attempting it day after day they all started to figure it out.  Princess was the only one who was clueless.  It didn’t bother her any; she just used pretend writing with flair, and went off to sit and scribble in her journal and talk in her loud voice.

A week ago she suddenly learned how to write the first three letters, and from there she went zoooom to the whole thing.

Miss Slinger was so excited she almost got choked up.  She’s trying to decide if she wants to go to school to become a teacher, and this was one of those moments that might just push her in that direction.


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