spring break

I haven’t been posting because I am on spring break, in a warm place with sand and palm trees and — most importantly — margaritas.

I am a happy teacher who is having a well-deserved lazy vacation in the sun.  I have read three novels in four days and just started novel #4.  Also — in reference to Mrs. V  — I have a fresh pedicure with coral nail polish, and now my toes look lovely, too.

See you soon, back in the real world.


8 thoughts on “spring break

  1. Yay, Spring Break! Pedicures, novels, margaritas, and lots of adult conversation, a preschool teachers’ perfect week off! Hope you come back refreshed! 🙂

  2. Aw, I’m so jealous! My spring break has been spent working at the bar, cleaning closets, running to the vet, and still having to take my son back and forth to school. 😦 That picture of that yummy margarita made me want to lick my screen!!

  3. beautiful! and well deserved!

    i’m trying to fake my own sunny vacation… reading lots of novels under bright lights and occasionally wrapping myself in warm blankets and sitting outside on the porch. sadly, grad school is getting in the way. i’ll have to live through you!

    ps. what books are you reading?

  4. Thank you everyone. Sorry I couldn’t bring you with me!

    Organizedchaos — I read “The Society of S” by somebody Hubbard, and really liked it. It’s about vampires. (I know, I know, you’d think there wasn’t anything left to say about vampires….but this was really good.)

    “The Mercy Rule” by Perri Klass was also excellent. It’s about motherhood, as seen from the perspective of an upper middle-class pediatrician who is a national expert on the medical needs of foster kids, and who once was a foster child herself. The book reflects on the parenting of the upper middle-class, and the parenting of urban mothers who are one step away from having their children removed.

    I also read “Black Out” by Lisa Unger, which is sort of a thriller-diller. It was good until the end when everything wraps up and it doesn’t quite all hang together. Still fun and creepy.

    Now I’m reading “The House at Riverton” by Kate Morton, about an upper crust English family right before the Great War.

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