Wednesday: Library

We went to the library for preschool storytime on Wednesday.  I’d forgotten to give Miss Nelson advance notice, so when she came in she got tense.  Then she said she wouldn’t go — and would keep her four early childhood special ed students back, too!  She left the room right after that.

When she returned, I told her I didn’t feel comfortable with not bringing all four children.  I knew she was worried about Leo, but it had been such a long time since we’d been to the library, and back then, Miss Nelson was never saying “no” to him.  Now, she was setting limits for him, and he has come a long way in terms of his behavior.

It was very clear she was angry with me for taking this stance.  She ended up coming along, as did all four of my special ed children, but she was very tense and wouldn’t look at me for quite a while.

But storytime was lovely, and Leo and all the others did just fine.  The only thing that bothered him was when we clapped after a story — too noisy — so I asked the librarian not to do the clapping anymore, and that solved the problem.

It’s exhausting to have these little mini-dramas on a regular basis.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday: Library

  1. I hate having these moments with aides as well. I have been having the worst problem with my aide talking and texting during class. Today she was carrying on a conversation while she was supposed to be helping a disabled child during music time. I snapped and said, “Just give him to me and you go outside and finish your call.” She gave me a look but I took the child and she went. Nothing else was said. I don’t know if I should bring it up again or not. I hate these things!

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