wishful thinking

I find myself fantasizing about summer with disturbing frequency.

This has been a good school year, and I can tell — finally — that the children have learned a lot.  I will send them off to kindergarten, ready for success.  But I have been tired all year, and I’m starting to stumble.  I’m finding it hard to do everything I need to do, as teacher, as mentor, as mother, as wife, as friend, and I just can’t wait to sleep in and breathe once school gets out.


7 thoughts on “wishful thinking

  1. I’m done on Thursday. Sleeping in sounds so good. I have been so tired also. I’m not sure if I’ve been trying so much harder to be a “better” teacher or what. I hoping to find that much needed rest too.

  2. This is how I’ve been feeling ever since I’ve been back. Forever tired and forever stretched. Summer can’t come soon enough.

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