Today right before I was going to start explaining the options for centers time, Princess interrupted me.

“Can I have a hug?”

“Not right now, sweetie.”  She pouted.

I said, “You can have a hug when I give you your clothespin for centers time.”

Someone else said, “Can I have one, too?”

“Of course.  When I call your name to get your clothespin, I’ll ask if you want a hug, and then I will give you one.  If you say no, though, you don’t have to have a hug.”

So every single child — except for Harold, who never wants hugs from me — got the clothespin with their name on it, and a hug from the teacher, before going off to put their clothespins on the centers time pocket chart.  It was disgustingly cute.


10 thoughts on “hugging

  1. One day before putting my students on the bus they all needed a hug. It was as you said disgustingly cute. But honestly I mean how could it get any better then handing out 15 solid hugs to kids who think you are walk on water!?

  2. You mean your school distict allows hugging? Where are you? I’m moving. We are FORBIDDEN touch a child on the arm–much less hug. I’m not exaggerating–memos go out about not tapping a child on the shoulder to ask him to turn around…not taking a little one by the arm to get them in line….

  3. My children do the same thing almost daily – except they don’t ask first – they’ll just get up and walk over and give me a hug! It is disgustingly cute – but I really do wish they’d stop interrupting class to give hugs! My co-teacher and I keep trying to tell them to wait until they are free to get up off the carpet – but so far they haven’t understood! It’s nice to be loved so much though! 🙂

  4. I’m a guy, teaching kindergarten. I’m told I shouldn’t be giving little kids hugs. That’s sad. I’m careful, but I do give hugs. And it is cute. They NEED hugs sometimes.

  5. Wow, I didn’t expect so many responses. I do know that touch is a sensitive issue, and I try to be very careful.

    In my class we talk about listening to other people and treating them with respect. The rule about hugging is that you can never hug someone without asking them first. If they yes, great, but if not, you must respect that. Sometimes if a child looks sad, I’ll ask what’s wrong and say, “would you like a hug?” I always accept no for an answer.

    The kids learn to ask each other this question, because some of them like to come up and just hug a friend fiercely, and occasionally knock them down by accident.

    We also talk about kissing. Kissing is for family, when you’re at home. There is no kissing at school.

    But not touching preschoolers at all? I can’t imagine it. They are always leaning on me, coming to sit on my lap, holding my hand, grabbing my feet…..

    As for Harold, he’s a very serious, shy child. I think he thinks that hugging me would be weird. I’m his teacher! He likes things to be formal. Knowing his parents, I’m sure he gets tons of hugs at home.

  6. One of my kids loves to tackle us with hugs when we least expect it. All of a sudden you will have this little guy attached to your leg or on your back if you are bending down for something. We have to always be on guard or be on the ground. 🙂

  7. How sweet! I can’t imagine not hugging my kiddos. I still have my kids I had in kindergarten that are now 5th graders come by for hugs.

  8. If children ask, or initiate the hug, I always respond in kind. I think it is sad that some teachers aren’t allowed to touch children. Sometimes it is the only way to calm a situation down, and help that little one feel better.

    I would miss those “disgustingly cute” moments if I couldn’t have them.

    Just today my heart smiled when a little guy leaned his head up against me in that warm little kid way, while we were in the middle of a project. He just needed that physical connection to know that he was wanted/needed in that situation. I’m glad I could provide it for him.

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