field day

(Sorry I haven’t posted recently.  I had two straight weeks of migraines.  Plus it’s THAT time of year.  Teachers are tired.)

Today was field day and the kids were wild.  This was the most hyper and overstimulated my class has ever been on field day.  They couldn’t stop picking up dirt and throwing pebbles and pushing each other.  Princess would grab someone and push them and wail at the same time, “he’s PUSHING me!”

However, we had fun.  I bet they all went home and took rock-solid naps.

One thought on “field day

  1. I so understand “that” time of year. My school year is done now. I’m just wrapping it up with a couple IEP meetings, thank you notes and sorting out ALL the papers that seem to have migrated home with me. I hope your year ends wonderfully!

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