Ahh, summer vacation

I have been absent from blogging for three weeks now, and I apologize to anyone who might have missed me.  The last few weeks of the year were crazy.  I was under the weather (the migraines continue) and just couldn’t bring myself to write.  Now I am back and I will have stories to tell about the end of the year.  Including the one about the preschooler who got suspended…..

In the meantime, I’m cleaning house, sleeping in, reading vampire novels, and enjoying my family.

7 thoughts on “Ahh, summer vacation

  1. Ah…I’m right there with ya, Sista!! Today is my first official day of summer vacation, and I’d love to say it’s been glorious, but unfortunately, it’s been kinda sucky so far. Oh, well, I’ve got six weeks to kick back and relax, so I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day! 😛

  2. No summer vacation for me our kindergarten turns into summer camp. However I am looking forward to the more relaxed pace!
    can’t wait to hear those stories stay healthy!

    • I’m also teaching “summer camp” but I hope enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!!!! Keep those migraines at bay and relax! 😀

  3. So far I’m not relaxing!! Things keep going wrong — flat tires, flat spare tires, trips to urgent care, scheduling mishaps, etc. I expect that’s sort of normal for the first week of summer, and I will soon be in my groove.

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