successes and failures

At the end of the year I returned to the children’s assessment portfolios, and once again asked them questions about letters, sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.  Miss Slinger did her final assessment measuring vocabulary, rhyming, and alliteration.  And then I looked at all the results and thought about them.

You know, when it’s the end of the year, you realize it’s too late to have done anything differently!

On the bright side, I rock at teaching letters and sounds.  Everyone did really well with recognizing capital and lowercase letters, and in identifying letter sounds.  I think most of my class knows at least 18 capitals, 18 lowercase, and 15 sounds.  Many of them know all 26 in each category, and even my special education students did really well.  So I feel good about sending them off to kindergarten, ready to go with learning how to read.

On the not-as-bright side, while my kids did okay with rhyming and alliteration, several of them did not meet the benchmark.  I do teach rhyming and alliteration, but not as a daily routine, the way I do with the letters.  And I have to admit, I’m kind of haphazard about fitting in my phonemic awareness stuff.

When I look back on the year, and look ahead to the new year, I definitely know what I want to improve.  I did a great job with my read-alouds and book discussions two years ago, but not as well this past year.  I’d like to teach phonemic awareness skills in a systematic, logical progression.  I’d like to teach more content with each theme — maybe even do something on the first day (what do we know about zoos?  what do we WANT to know?) and the last day (what did we learn about zoos?).  And I’m still struggling to teach science, so I’m thinking about doing it sort of indirectly, with more nature and outdoor time.


2 thoughts on “successes and failures

  1. I can relate! I’ve always been MUCH better at teaching letters and letter sounds then other subjects! This year, my children had a hard time learning numbers…and I felt bad because I think they should have known more by the end of the year! Rhyming is also another hard one for me. Sometimes I even forget about it and try to squeeze it in near then end of the year! I know – that’s not good! But at least we both know what we need to work on…and hopefully next year it will go smoother! Keep up the good work!

  2. It sounds like you had a pretty successful year to me. You had a lot of obstacles to overcome with the students you had, and I think you did a wonderful job!

    Hindsight is 20/20 though, isn’t it? Our time with those little ones is so limited, our goals are numerous, and there is always room for improvement. Recognizing all those things is what makes you a good teacher. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful summer.

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