cheapie deals for teachers at Target

I was at Target this morning and ended up spending a lot of dollars in their dollar section near the entrance.  There is a lot of stuff clearly aimed at teachers.  I picked up plastic book bins (for my leveled books), a small pocket chart, googly eyes, two magnetic Dr. Seuss notepads, pom poms, alphabet stamps, and board books for our house corner (I figure the kids can read books about colors or shapes or numbers to our baby dolls and work on their own skills while they are at it).  Everything except the book bins was a dollar.


8 thoughts on “cheapie deals for teachers at Target

  1. Did they have those small Dr Seuss bags? They are almost like the platic grocery sacks. If I ever get myself in gear I will take a picture and post. I don’t know how I will use them but had to buy them!

    • There was an endcap with lots of Seuss stuff. I bought magnets and notepads, but they had stickers, little journals, and more. Don’t remember bags, though.

  2. Those book bins, used to be $1. Did you get the primary colored ones that are $2.50? Target caught onto our love of those book bins!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the dollar section @Target!!! (Really, I’m not supposed to even look because I always find something… some THINGS.) I bought all that Dr. Seuss stuff, too, including the little Cat in the Hat recycled bag. 😉 I teach 5th grade and have been buying all the thesauruses (thesauri?) At the two closest stores – I have about 35 now. How can you beat that, a Webster’s thesaurus for a dollar??

  4. I love the dollar bins! And, of course, anything clearance. Our local Michael’s had small plastic trucks, sand and water toys at 70% off. The water toys are cool – you poor water through them and the 3 dials either spin or dump. They can be turned upside down and used in the sand, too. I think they ended up being $1.20 each.


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