end of summer anxiety

So my summer is sailing away.

A few weeks ago, just thinking about fall made my stomach hurt.  Now, not so much.  But I do feel a bit of anxiety, as I haven’t even touched the lesson planning I brought home to work on, and I have tons left to do at home, and I have tons to do when I do go back to work.  It’ll be more work than usual this year, because I have to prepare the classroom to share with the afternoon teacher, and will have to organize, purge, and remove tons of stuff to make room for her.

You teachers out there must be feeling the same way — how do you cope with the rapidly dwindling summer days?

And what about parents — how do you feel about getting ready for school and the rapid arrival of fall?

4 thoughts on “end of summer anxiety

  1. I just looked at the basket that I tripped over coming down the stairs. The basket is right beside my front door! Guess what? It is all the school “stuff” I brought home in May to look at, ponder and do something about. Sometimes I want to kick myself, but tripping on it today was enough! School starts Monday.

  2. I work hard and fast my last few weeks at home. I know I should do more school work over the summer, but I don’t feel that my heart is in it until mid-August rolls in. Then I’m ready. I face the school year with a mix of excited anticipation and a small twinge of anxiety. It reminds me of being a kid on that first day of school, LOL.

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