summer is almost over

I received my back-to-work letter from the Prince (my blog name for our principal).  Our official back to work day is Monday, August 24, and the open house will be Thursday, August 27.  We have tons of meetings scheduled, plus a full day of staff development, and only two half days open to work on our rooms.  I’m wondering how he thinks we can get our rooms ready with only two half days….Especially since he said we shouldn’t try to get in our rooms this week, as the engineers are still working on getting the furniture back in.  We always are able to work the week before; if this is really true, next week is going to be some sort of stress nightmare.  I can see myself sitting in endless meetings, agonizingly bored and longing to get to work in my room.

Tomorrow I go to a leadership team meeting at school, so I’m going to ask him about this.  I haven’t had a migraine for two weeks and I don’t want to start now.

6 thoughts on “summer is almost over

  1. That’s our story every year. We start the 20th- have 4 days of “professional development” and very little time in our rooms. They do let us in early, I’ve been in 4 days already. Then they keep the school open late and next weekend. It just irritates me that we’re expected to do it on our own time. Every year I say I’m not going in, but then I do because I don’t want to get crazy.

  2. I hope for your sake your first week isn’t as hellacious as mine was! I agree with Janet – it’s pretty ballsy to expect us to stay late and come in on the weekends, on OUR OWN TIME, to set up our classrooms. Ludicrous, I tell ya, LUDICROUS!! 😡

  3. I start back tomorrow but have been back in my room working for almost 2 weeks. I left my room in decent shape. I knew where everything was and had some sort of organization. When I returned, my furniture was everywhere. They had replaced our windows and moved everything. There was no organization. Some of my things were messed up. I am still fixing what they messed up. I am so frustrated.

    • Angie, when I went back last week, all my furniture was piled up in the hall. Every June they ask for a map, so they can put stuff back in the right place, but it never happens. It is SO much work getting our rooms ready for the kids!

  4. I feel for you! Sounds like a more then busy week! We usually get a couple days before school starts to work in our rooms without the kids (we’re open year round) – but this year we got nothing! It was hectic and stressful – and three weeks into the school year I’m still trying to get some organizing done! i hope your migraines stay away and everything works out for you!

  5. Deep breath. 🙂 We only get one day to set up, and then on Fridays we have to take the rooms down, only to set up both rooms again on Monday. It is the part of my job that I dislike immensely. (The take down and set up does not include the things on the walls, but we have to put away all the toys, close the cubbies, blocks and shelves, and lock everything up.) We use a fellowship hall for our big room (where the church has its coffee hour) and a Sunday school room for our little room. I guess it is the downfall for renting in church space, but the upswing is the wonderful space, the kindness of the church members, and the cheap rent, LOL.

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