rites of fall

I went to the teacher store this morning.  I spent $102, which actually shows restraint on my part.  Usually it’s $140.  Picking out labels for the cubbies for me and Ms. Mellow was really hard; I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find nametags that were a) attractive, b) color-coded (I’m green and she’s blue), and c)small enough to fit in the cubbies.

I stopped in at the office this morning and managed to cajole our secretary into giving me my class list; this afternoon I’m going to mail out a letter about school supplies and our ice cream social next Tuesday.

And I went to my physical therapy appointment; so far, so good.  I’ve had no migraines for 2 1/2 weeks!  I think I’m ready to go back to work.


2 thoughts on “rites of fall

  1. I think I’ve spent $75 so far, but I haven’t gotten my laminating done. Our school is on a super tight budget this year, so I’m trying to really be a penny pincher. Which is so hard to do when you start the shopping, LOL. Is is a bad thing when the manager of the teaching store know who you are? 🙂

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