two sets of hands are better than one

I’m going into the weekend feeling pretty Zen.

This morning Ms. Mellow and I met at school, and kept chatting, and all of a sudden, all the furniture was in the right place, and a lot of baskets and organizers were, too.  We are farther along than I thought we’d be, so I’m ready to officially return to work Monday, and spend lots of time in meetings and staff development.  We’ll have enough time to get the room presentable for the open house on Thursday, which is great.

It has been interesting talking to her as we go along.  We put up the calendar, which led to a conversation about calendar time, and all the options with that.  We put up a pocket chart, and I told her how I use it for a word wall to go with each theme.  We talked about the science center, which definitely needs work, and how I’d be happy to follow her lead there.

It’s a good experience to talk about what you do in the classroom, because it makes you think about WHY you do it.

3 thoughts on “two sets of hands are better than one

  1. Some of my teachers are sharing a room for the first time and they are having a similar experience. It is good when you can talk about teaching with someone who is right there doing the same work. I hope this will be a rich experience for both of you.

  2. I love set up day at our preschool, and working with the other teachers to get our rooms just right.

    I think it is good connecting time.

    It sounds like your year is off to a good start!

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