our class pet

It was our first morning meeting, and the children were flagging, a little.  It’s hard to be four and sit on your bottom AND fold your legs AND put your hands in your lap AND remember not to interrupt the teacher.  I was trying to get them through our new daily routine of calendar and counting the days and morning message, when someone noticed the wasp.

(It is warm today, and I was sweating within thirty minutes of the start of the school day, so our window was open.  No screen means that sometimes bugs do fly in.)

Panicked expressions were everywhere.

I said, “Oh, yeah, that’s our wasp.  He’s fine, he won’t hurt you.  I know, let’s make him our class pet!”

Blank faces.

“What should we name him?”

Then one little girl piped up, “Max?”

“Max!”  I cried.  “What a wonderful name!  Okay, everyone say hi to Max!”

“HI, MAX,” they chorused.

“Now where did he go?” I asked.  “Maybe he’s playing hide and seek with us.  I think he’s hiding behind that light.”

The whole class was smiling and waving up at the light fixture.

“Let’s look for him tomorrow,” I suggested.  “I bet he’ll still be here.  He likes us.”

And then — “Let’s read our morning message!”  And all was well.


6 thoughts on “our class pet

  1. Just wanted you to know that if were wondering where Max went, he left your room and visited the class I modeled a lesson in today. I absolutely “borrowed” your story!!! I told the teachers about your site and credited you. (I didn’t tell the kiddos though). THANKS for the save!

    • Thanks, Deb! And I’m glad my little Max story helped you out. It worked so well that one of my little girls has been waiting for Max to come back (we gently shooed him out the window last week), and I’m a little concerned that she is going to pet the next wasp she sees!

  2. That happened in my classroom with ants.
    Early, in the Spring we had ants in our room and the children got distracted and a little silly over this. I calmly said that it was my pet Anty. Now all ants they see, inside and outside are my Anty.

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