Barack Obama, principal

Last week when the president made his speech to schoolchildren, the Prince arranged for an all-school assembly beforehand.  The teachers went up on stage one by one and we introduced ourselves, and read aloud our hopes & dreams for the year.  Then we posted them on a big board on the stage, so the children could see who we are, and that we also have things we want to learn or do or get better at.  Several news stations were there, and we were on the local news that night.

My class was very excited, but couldn’t sit still for long, so we left before the speech.

A few days later, Miss Slinger was talking to the Prince outside while we were at recess.  After he left to take the 3rd graders inside, Miss Slinger came over to me, laughing.

Apparently one of our girls had asked her, “who was that man you were talking to?”

“That’s Mr. ____, our principal.”

The girl sighed, obviously disappointed.  “Oh, I thought that was Barack Obama.”

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama, principal

  1. When our daughter was in preschool, she pointed to a man at a school event and said “There’s God.” I asked her how she knew that was God and she said, “When we go to God’s house for Bible stories, he is always there.” Turned out this was the pastor of the church and he did Bible stories every week in the sanctuary and the teacher would say, “We are going to God’s house to have stories” so she put two and two together and . . .

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