So I’ve decided to name my new class (for the purposes of this blog) after foods.  Last year it was characters from children’s books, but I’m running out of ideas for those, so food it is.

First up — Pumpkin.  He is an ADORABLE little boy who in many ways seems like he is still three years old.  Or maybe even two.  He is all impulse, and interrupts me constantly.  I don’t think he has any idea what I mean when I say to him, “please don’t interrupt me.”  Sometimes, like today, he interrupts me to say, quite urgently, “I love you, teacher.  I love you!”

What can he do?  Well, he has learned quite well how to walk in a line.  Miss Slinger says he sometimes gets silly down at his end of the line, but mostly he can do it.  He knows how to line up in ABC order, mostly, and he knows where he is supposed to sit in the meeting area.  He can sit on his bottom and fold his legs, and he participates in everything we do.  It isn’t like he’s under the sand table when he is supposed to be doing a project, or sitting down for morning meeting.

What can’t he do?  He seems genuinely puzzled by the whole concept of listening.  (I don’t think he knows what that word means, either.)  He has a hard time answering questions.  It’s like I’m speaking in a foreign language sometimes.  He has a hard time having a conversation.  He has a hard time remembering what he is supposed to be doing if I give him instructions.

Today at the start of morning meeting he came up to me and said with surprise, “There’s still soap on my hands!”

“Go back to the bathroom and dry off your hands.  Then come back and sit down.”

When he came out of the bathroom, his pants were around his ankles.  (I guess he forgot why he was in the bathroom, and decided to go potty, again.)  “Teacher, I can’t remember how to put my pants back on!”  Miss Slinger helped him, and I sure hope he washed his hands (and dried them) after he went potty…..

He can’t count, either.  He doesn’t know most colors.

I wonder if he is going to end up being assessed for special needs, or if he’s just a late bloomer.

Anyway, I think he’s going to be my favorite little troublemaker this year.


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