Pumpkin’s mom

This was the conference I was most concerned about, and that I thought about the most.  I rehearsed in my head over and over what I would say to her.  As it turned out, she was very open to what I had to say, and she even said, “I feel relieved that I’m not imagining it, that’s it’s not just me.”

So we’re going to move ahead with the first intervention for speech, with the speech therapist’s help, and we’ll see how that goes.  After two interventions that don’t work, we refer him for assessment.

He was at the conference today; while Mom and I talked, he played with legos, blocks, and whiteboards.  He has such a sweet face.  He kept interrupting us to show off his work.  I really hope we can help him this year.


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin’s mom

  1. Oh my! I have PUMPKIN in my class (could they be twins-seperated at birth:)???
    He has a Nov. Birthday (Children need to be 4 by Dec. 1. )
    I want more than anything for him to succeed but my experience tells me we are in for a long haul.
    Please continue to share your successes with Pumpkin. I am always looking for new ideas for my guys. This year I have one third of my class with Sept, Oct, Nov birthdays. Than 1 third that turn 5 in Dec. Jan and Feb.

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