Mr. or Mrs.?

I have one little boy who is learning to speak English.  He’s every bit as adorable as Pumpkin.  Let’s call him Peanut.

Peanut can’t pronounce the word “Mrs.”.  He calls me “Mr. X” all the time.  I have been trying to explain that Mr. X. is my husband, that Mr. is for men.  You know, Senor and Senora?  I told him that he was calling me Senor X and I think he finally understands what I’m talking about.


4 thoughts on “Mr. or Mrs.?

  1. That so funny! I, too, have a little one this year who keeps calling me “Mr. L.” She’s been doing it for 7 weeks now!! AND, she speaks English! It drives my parent volunteer nuts. She must correct her 10 times a day. This child is also having a hard time with her/she. She’s a BIG tattler, so 100 times a day, I hear things like, “Her pushed me!” “Her took my pencil!” etc.

  2. Do you know if your student is Mixteco? Different from regular Spanish-speaking Mexicans, Mixtecos speak a hybrid of Spanish and Aztec. It is an unwritten language and the are no gender differences in pronouns. I’ve found my ELL students with Mixteco background have the most difficult time with gender differences in English.

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