Miss Slinger was gone today.  I used to teach kindergarten and was by myself with 25 kids, so you’d think I could handle 17 on my own.

And I can, of course.  But it was hard; I’ve gotten so used to having a wonderful assistant teacher in the room with me.  When I arrived at work with coffee and some berry coffee cake, I spun around the room like mad trying to get everything ready.

Put away the parent conference stuff, check!  Change the calendar to October, check!  (Take a bite of breakfast.)  Get the red scraps ready for our red collage activity, check!  Write the morning message, check!  Read my email, check!  Get everything needed for centers time ready in my basket, check!  (Take a sip of coffee.)  Try again (and fail again) to find Knuffle Bunny, check!  Set out the journals, change the date on the date stamps, set out the sign-in book, fill out the job chart, move the nametags, check check check!  (Take another bite of breakfast.)

And actually everything was fine.  It was just a little bit more intense.  For some reason, the children were incredibly loud today.  Cherry, who is STILL testing me to see what I will do if she doesn’t follow directions, stepped it up a bit.  I had a hard time not getting really really irritated with her.  And did I mention that they were loud?  The other weird thing was that they were more needy than usual.  It was “Mrs. X, can I do this?” and “Mrs. X, can I do that?” and they were tugging on me or saying, “Hey!” all morning long.

I’m still in a good mood, however, and I still do love them.

But I didn’t finish my breakfast until 12:30.


4 thoughts on “loud

  1. Wow Ms. EKD! I admire your capacity to do it all. I’m working for the first time with only one aide and 15, the past few years I’ve had 2 aides. I’ve had to do so much work around adjusting my schedule to produce the quality time with my students that I cherish. We are still adjusting, figuring out how to give my aide a 15 minute break in the middle of the morning and get student conferring in. I had a great professional development day though and am energized to try some new things.
    Stay well, a lot of our teachers are getting sick!!

  2. so a few months ago i started to read some blogs and I have them on my blogroll. I have started a new job since then and about a month ago 2 of the kids went to school so now it’s just me and a K who turns three beginning of november. We’re transitioning in to actually “teaching” and I was wondering if you could follow my blog and suggest things at times. I’ve never nannied before and i’m just nervous that I won’t do a good job.

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