pumpkin and the bus

So this morning two big boys (7th graders, I’m guessing) came to my room with a teary-eyed Pumpkin in tow.  I hugged Pumpkin while the two boys told me that as they were getting off the bus, a kid pushed Pumpkin over in his rush to get in the building.  They were absolutely shocked, and wanted to keep discussing it with me.  So cute.  So I found out their names, thanked them profusely, and checked to make sure Pumpkin was okay.  He was, just a slightly scraped hand.  Once he was settled I found the behavior lady to tell her about it.  She wrote down the names and said she’d find them during the day to compliment them.

Then five minutes later she was back.

“Do you have this student?” she asked, showing me a bus conduct report.

“Yes.  That’s Pumpkin!  He got in trouble on the bus?!”

Apparently he got on the bus this morning and refused to sit down.  The driver asked him to repeatedly, but Pumpkin absolutely wouldn’t do it.  So the driver had to call a safety officer to come to the bus to get Pumpkin to sit down so they could drive to school!  It’s amazing they weren’t late.

The behavior lady tried to talk to him.

“Honey, when you’re on the bus, you have to sit down.”  So he promptly sat down on the chair I keep in the hall.

I tried talking to him later, and I actually had some luck.  He was able to talk about it, and he explained, “I didn’t have any place to sit.”


So I told him that if that happens again, he should explain that to the driver, and the driver would help him find a seat.

3 thoughts on “pumpkin and the bus

  1. Wow. I am so glad my son if finally in college with enough words to cope with life. Regular school was very hard on the mama (son too).

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