an interruption

scene:  morning meeting in preschool

Mrs. X. has just introduced the letter T, and in doing the calendar, is pointing out that Tuesday begins with T, and October has a t in the middle of it.  The children are sitting cross-legged and listening quietly.

Pumpkin (suddenly going into a crab walk):  OW!  My butt hurts!  My butt hurts!  My butt hurts!

As suddenly as he started, he stops, and sits back down and looks at his teacher.

Mrs. X., somewhat unnerved, goes back to talking about the letter T.


3 thoughts on “an interruption

  1. We are talking about the letter Tt as well in our classroom do you know that the word toilet starts with the letter T? Isn’t that hysterical my kindergarten class came up with that all on their own !

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