I love this class

We walked to the library today for preschool storytime.  When I had the kids on the carpet in our room to remind them about walking safely, holding hands, crossing the street, and all that, Cherry raised her hand.

“We can listen to the cars say ‘RRR!'” she said.  (We learned the /r/ sound this week, with a story about getting in a race car, turning the key in the ignition, and hearing the engine go “RRRR”!  The hand motion for R is turning a key.)

“You’re right, ” I said.  I’d never had a child make that connection before.  “We can listen for cars going ‘RRR’.  We can also look for the letter R and the other letters we know on signs.”

So we started walking and pretty soon they were seeing S, M, A, R, and T everywhere.  (Yeah, somehow the letters I’ve taught them so far spell out SMART.  That was totally unplanned, but wonderfully appropriate.)  I have never had a class like this one.  They really listen to what I teach them, and then they talk about it while playing, or walking, or drawing.

We got to the library in plenty of time, and my class was beautifully behaved, as usual.  The story theme was monsters.

I crossed my legs (the grownups were in chairs) and Pumpkin noticed my foot near him.  He turned and gave me a beatific smile.

He held my foot lovingly for the rest of storytime.

And when we got back to school, I gave them a long recess and everyone pretended to be a monster.


5 thoughts on “I love this class

  1. What a blessing to have such an amazing group this year – make sure you take mental pictures of these kiddos when the next class of real monsters comes your way! Enjoy every day – you are an amazing teacher!!

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