Dear Parents,

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about backpacks.

It may surprise you to hear that I would like them to be empty, most of the time.  This means I would prefer it if your child not use it as a dumping ground for crayons, markers, snacks, books, coloring books, and old art projects.  Please help your child clean out his/her backpack tonight, and help him/her keep it that way.  This will also give you a chance to check for contraband such as candy, gum, or toys that cause distractions at school.

When your child comes home from school each day, please check your child’s backpack.  There might be a note from me in there.  There might be important news about something that is happening tomorrow.

On Fridays, please check for the Friday folder, and for a week’s worth of finished work.  Please remove from the folder everything that is for you (the newsletter, the school newsletter, etc.) and keep it or throw it away.  Please don’t send it back to school.  For one thing, I already read that stuff; I wrote it.  For another, if you send it back to school, I have no idea if you got a chance to read it or not, and I have to decide if I should throw it away or try sending it home again.  Please remove your child’s finished work, and do what you will with it.  I sent it home on purpose; I do not need or want it back.

In the winter, please send your child to school with a pair of shoes in the backpack, so that he/she will not track melted snow and dirt into the room with his/her boots.  On Monday mornings, please return the Friday folder.

That is all that should be in the backpack.

Thank you.

Mrs. X.


6 thoughts on “backpacks

  1. Wow, I agree 100% with all your backpack reminders. However, if I wrote pRentice notes with your “tone” of voice , I think I mY not have many positive parent/teacher relationships. You sound like a dictator with no positive things to say. Your choice of writing style is NOT friendly or warm and caring. I would never write a note to my parents like that! You must not have a very caring partnership with your parents. All good ideas but it’s too bad you have to show how to write in duch a crabby way! I’m glad my child is not I’m your class

    • Kelly, I think you missed the point. This was a letter I would LIKE to write to the parents, but of course I never have and never will. A blog gives me the opportunity to get things off my mind, to voice the things I am thinking. But nope, no dictatorship here, and all of my letters to my parents are warm and friendly. Perhaps you might consider sticking around to read some of my other posts, to get a better idea of what kind of teacher I am?

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