the first thanksgiving — an eyewitness account

Yesterday I told the children the story of the first Thanksgiving, in my own words.  Someone, maybe Cherry, interrupted me.

“Were you there?”

“No, I wasn’t there.  This happened hundreds of years ago.”  I continued with my story.  A few minutes later Pumpkin interrupted me.

“Were you there?”

“No, honey, I wasn’t there.  I’m [fill in the blank] years old.  The first Thanksgiving was hundreds of years ago.”  Pumpkin looked at me, uncomprehending.  Any number over ten is meaningless to him.  I sighed, and forged on.  I had gotten to the part about the “funny” clothing the Pilgrims wore when I was interrupted again.  I forget who it was.

“Did you wear those clothes, too?”


Later, feeling ancient, I told the story to Miss Mellow when she came in to teach the afternoon class.  She laughed and said that I must have told the story with so much enthusiasm and detail that they assumed they were hearing a first-person account.

Yes, children, I came over on the Mayflower.

2 thoughts on “the first thanksgiving — an eyewitness account

  1. Yeah, my kids have NO background knowledge for Thanksgiving. They only had a hazy idea of the concept of being thankful. Before I knew it, I was talking about how most of our familys started out somewhere else, and why they came here, and then we were talking about Columbus. No airplanes, no cars, nothing fast. How people thought the world was flat, and how the Pilgrims came here to be able to be free and how they were thankful. Finally some kid gets it, and says, “Oh they were thankful to Jesus.” And I said, “Yes, now what are some things you are thankful for?” After I don’t know HOW long, I’m still not sure what they got.

  2. My first year of teaching, I was 20 years old. One of my sweeties very seriously raised his hand. “Did you have spoons when you were little?” “Yes, I was born after the IRON AGE!” College does not prepare you for some of the questions we really are asked.

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