On Friday I was sick.  I came in this morning to find Miss Slinger’s notes about a few misbehaviors.  She reported that Chutney had had an “AT-TI-TUDE” all morning.

First thing when Chutney got to school this morning, she said to me, “Why weren’t you here yesterday?!”

“You mean Friday?  Well, I was sick.”

Later, she asked me again, and I explained again. “I was sick, so I stayed home.”

“You shouldn’t do that!”  She said.

“I get to stay home if I’m sick,” I told her.

Then I asked her why she had been so disrespectful to Miss Slinger.

“I was mad at you ’cause you weren’t here.”


8 thoughts on “anger

  1. Wow, I’m impressed that she understood why she had been acting out. I think many of my kids feel this way when I’m gone, but aren’t mature enough to understand the reason why they act out. I think some of them feel abandoned. 😦

  2. The younger the students are, the less they like their routines/ consistency broken. The more they love your style, the more they miss you when gone. Chutney has a great teacher.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how it impacts preschoolers when you take a day off. They really do miss you and they show it in odd ways. That bond between teachers and their young students is very strong which is a good thing but it can sure be hard on everyone when the teacher needs to take a personal day.

  4. This reminds me of a story a child psychiatrist friend once told me:

    It was his first session with a boy whose parents were in the midst of a divorce. He had been acting out, often violently. The boy sat down and said, “I’m bad because I’m sad.”

    Rich said, “It takes most adults years of therapy to finally come to that realization.”

  5. Wow, quite a lot of comments on this one little post. Thanks, all.

    I don’t think I responded to Chutney the way she deserved — it was at the end of the morning and we were going out to the buses, so I will address it to her personally tomorrow, and also to the whole class. We’ll talk about how sometimes it may feel like I’m their ‘school mommy,’ and how it can be hard when I’m not there, but they should know that I still love them, and I’ll be back as soon as I feel better. (And that the same rules for behavior still apply!)

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