We made it.  Today was hard for all of us.  I woke up with a migraine, and Miss Slinger was tired and stressed from having her car get towed because of the snow (she spent the evening — and a lot of money — getting it back).  The kids, like the little emotional barometers they are, reacted accordingly.  There is a little girl in my class I haven’t introduced you to yet — let’s call her Papaya — who is absolutely terrific.  She is smart and funny and I’m just crazy about her.

Papaya hit two kids and told another — repeatedly — “you are not my friend.”  It was bizarre, and utterly unlike her.

Cherry, not suprisingly, had a hard time following directions all morning and it was really frustrating for me.  Chutney towed the line, however.

Our new girl had a tantrum and sobbed for the last 15 minutes of class (because I asked her to clean up the markers and she didn’t want to).

Zucchini looked a little stressed by all the hubbub, and the tone of my increasingly exasperated voice.  He kept raising his hand to tell me what the class was supposed to be doing.  It was kind of cute.

Pumpkin, amazingly, did fine.  He has really come a long way.  Okay, he fell apart when it was time to go home and he had to put on his snowpants.  “My pants are bunched up in there!  I hate it!” he wailed.  But until the last few minutes, he was fine.

And now that it is Friday evening and I am at home, so am I.


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