generation gap

At morning meeting we always practice the letter sounds we’ve learned so far.  When I got to the C card, the children hesitated, and I could tell they were having trouble remembering the sound.

“C says /kuh/, right?  C is for Cookie.  Remember Cookie Monster’s song?” and I sang the whole thing, right there.

“….cookie cookie cookie starts with C!!!”

They looked at me blankly.

“Do you guys watch Sesame Street?  Do you know Cookie Monster?”

One girl answered, “I don’t watch Sesame Street.  I don’t like it,” and then another boy chimed in, “it’s boring!”

“I guess Sesame Street was more popular when I was a little girl,” I admitted.  But now I need some Sesame Street dvd’s so I can share the glory of the Street with my class.


9 thoughts on “generation gap

  1. I’m a kindergarten teacher, and a lot of my kids feel the same way about the show (which I adore). I read somewhere that while this is an amazing show for children in preschool, parents are using it as a tool at ages 1-2, when most children are much too young to comprehend most of the information. The kids then find the show boring or babyish by the time they get to the “right” age to watch it. I’m not sure where I read this, so I have no data to back it up, but I think it’s a possible reason!

  2. part of it is that sesame street used to be aimed at this age group but has gradually become more aimed at toddlers.

    since i work with preschoolers, my students usually know sesame street, but the only muppet they know is elmo. which usually leads to intense muppet education by teacher carey. my class this summer even mastered roosevelt franklin and sherlock hemlock. 🙂

  3. In the preschool classroom one of the parents said she emailed Sesame Street the other day complaining that it wasn’t the same and too cartoon like. I haven’t watched any of the more recent episodes.

  4. I just purchased the DVD 40th anniversary set!!! It has all the shows from seasons 1-40!!! I showed a little of it today since we could not play outdoors due to rain. They enjoyed it!

  5. I sing that song with my students too! I have large cards with the letter C and another card with a picture of and the word cookie. When we sing the song I do some sign language with the kids too. It makes me smile! 🙂 I love Sesame Street.

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