Winter break

On Friday we celebrated our last day of school before break with a Winter Party.  I had four parents help out (two of whom were dads, which is great), plus my volunteer from the university and Miss Slinger, so there were seven adults and twenty children in my tiny classroom.  It was great to have so much help, because we had so much to do, and never would have managed otherwise.

The children made Grinch masks (I read the story of the Grinch at storytime), decorated treat bags (almost everyone brought candy to fill the treat bags), made winter hats with various winter stamps, and made snowflake paintings with foam snowflake stamps that I bought online.  The room looked lovely — blue tablecloths, silver snowflake decorations — and the children had a wonderful time.  I admitted to two of the parents that my goal every year is to forget all the children’s names over break, so that I have this momentary panic on the first Monday in January….I hope they weren’t offended!

I gave Miss Slinger a pair of Smartwool socks (they are worth every dime if you live in a cold climate), and she gave me a lovely felted bowl filled with brownies, both of which she made herself.  (I must admit that the brownies are all gone, and I never even told my children they were in the house.)

And then I went home.  I have been having a lot of migraines lately, so am delighted to catch up on my sleep and reduce my stress.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone.  See you next year.

3 thoughts on “Winter break

  1. I hope your headaches go away! Sometimes, it is important to just take a break and get the rest you need. It sounds like you put a lot of thought and creativity into your winter party. I just love snowflakes.

  2. (and I’m already thinking about those first days back!) I’ve been back on my blog, thinking and planning. I hope you’ve had a restful break. I haven’t been getting the sleep I hoped for but I’m thankful I did so much planning for my first weeks back. I got Jim Aylesworth’s Mitten book in the mail yesterday so I’m even looking forward to sharing it with the kids! Happy New Year.

    • Good for you. I’ve done no planning at all and kind of dread Monday. Not because of my kids — but because of the paperwork and just plain work I have to do for the mentoring part of my job. It’s starting to feel l like an albatross around my neck…..

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