the winter blues

I have had some really great weekends lately.  In fact, they have been so nice that I have found myself clinging to them desperately and dreading Monday morning.  And that worries me.

Work is going well — at least, the teaching preschool part of it is.  Mentoring, not so much.  I have two post-observation reports to write, and they are both ridiculously late, so I feel guilty and tense about it.  I just need to sit down and get them done, I know, but it’s hard when you dread doing something so much.

I think the absence of sunshine has something to do with this.  Waking up in the mornings is painful, and I just want to be at home.

Anyone else having the winter doldrums?


7 thoughts on “the winter blues

  1. Boy, do I ever know that feeling. My recommendation is to stay up late TONIGHT and finish your reports. Not even one more day of this burden! The benefits in your stress relief will more than compensate for feeling tired tomorrow. Then buy yourself a little chocolate and sleep well the next night. Best wishes.

  2. Yes, I’ve been feeling the same way! The weekends seem to slip away so quickly. And I cannot blame lack of sun, because we had it on Saturday. But yesterday and today, back to rain. Hope you have a great week, despite it all!

  3. I’m hurrying home each day and savoring my weekends too – that always happens to me after the December break – I find so many things I like to do at home!
    I’m also dreading the February crankies that always come – everyone seems to get fed up with everything and starts whining — I can feel it coming.

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