well, apple loves me

Just when you want to get good and grumpy, some preschooler goes and cheers you up.

Apple is a cute, chubby, quiet little girl in my class.  She speaks no English, and isn’t all that coherent in Spanish, either.  (She may be heading for a special ed evaluation, because she hasn’t learned much so far this year in terms of basic skills.  She has, however, learned how to follow classroom routines, and she’s really good at playing with legos.)

Apple fell in love with me over the weekend.  Not sure why, but she did.  She came in Monday morning and threw her arms around me, and said, “Mr. X!” with joy.  (She can’t say “Mrs.” for some reason, so I’m Mr. X.)  Every day since then she has been showering me with love and hugs.

Today she proudly gave me some writing she had done.

“Oh, is this for me?  Thank you, Apple!  Can you read it to me, please?”

Apple stared at her paper.  It was covered with pretend writing.  She thought, then traced her finger along her scribbles, left to right, top to bottom, and read:

“Mr. X, Mr. X, Mr. X, Mr. X.”

How’s that for a love letter?


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