you’ve got mail!

I picked up some empty cardboard wine boxes when I stocked up on wine last time, and today Miss Slinger and I turned them into mailboxes.  The class went wild.  It was the most high-energy centers time we’ve had in long time.  At the art center and the writing center, lots of children were making valentines and writing notes, and then delivering them.  I got several love notes in my mail box, and so did Miss Slinger.

Valentine’s Day is heaven for preschoolers and their teachers.


5 thoughts on “you’ve got mail!

  1. I’m doing the same thing in my class! My aide’s son did the boxes for me. I love Valentine’s Day! All that writing just when I need to get jots for assessments…:)

  2. What a good idea for mailboxes! Our 4 year old class and 3 year old class are obsessed with letter writing, and i’ve installed a “real” mailbox by each circle area. Some days I drop junk mail in their mailboxes, and it is the MOST exciting thing ever.

    So sad that email kind of erases this…

  3. Aw We just changed our dramatic play area into a post office. The children are really into writing especially writing the room. Love is a very popular word around our kindergarten room!

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