Happy 100th Day of School!

When I greeted the children this morning, I was wearing paper glasses in the shape of a “100,” and a crown that said “Happy 100th Day of School.”  Pumpkin couldn’t stop pointing and giggling.  We had two parent helpers, so were able to have a center for making 100 necklaces (string 100 Froot Loops on a piece of yarn), a center for making 100 glasses, one for making the 100 crowns, and also a center for putting 100 fingerprints on a blank 100 grid.

After our morning meeting, and some photos of the class in their 100th day finery, we ate one hundred snacks!

Seriously, we did.

The children had 100 grids, and bowls of small foods on the tables.  They carefully covered up each number with a mini marshmallow, a chocolate chip, an M&M, a Teddy Graham, a Goldfish, or a Froot Loop.  When everyone was done, they got to eat.  Zucchini had brought in juice boxes — because they all said “100% Fruit” on the sides — and everyone was happy.

And the floor was covered in Froot Loops.


2 thoughts on “Happy 100th Day of School!

  1. I loved our 100th day! We counted out 100 pieces of food as well and put it in a bag and called it our 100th day trail mix, we also had 100 grid and put in 100 stickers, we wrote a sentence about what we had learned in 100 days of school and colored in the number 100. Our 100th day snack was a little debbie treat that my para wrote 100 on. We also did 100 excercises.. soo much fun. 🙂

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