On Sunday afternoon as I was leaving the house I realized that I didn’t know where my red tote bag with all my lesson planning stuff was.  I searched the places it should be, and then the car.  Nowhere.  That was when I realized, with a feeling of lead in my stomach, that I had left it at the ski/snowboard hill on Saturday after my son’s snowboard lesson.

I called the main lodge, and the woman who answered told me that she was in charge of lost and found, and that no bags at all had been turned in after Saturday night’s sweep.  My guts started churning, and I thought I was going to cry.  I asked her if I could come and look, and she said sure, but not until after 6, because we are so full right now that there isn’t even any parking in the overflow lots.

The rest of the afternoon I felt incredibly sick with stress.  In the bag:

  • my math curriculum
  • my lesson plan book, with the schedule for the whole year
  • my notes on TWO observations that I still have to write up
  • the (not inexpensive) book I am reading for next Sunday’s book club
  • my handouts on writer’s workshop
  • several curriculum guides, purchased with my own money
  • my file on teaching the five senses, our next theme

Finally, I was able to drive out there, and I searched in the locker where I thought I had left it — and bingo, there it was.  A bench had been moved in front of the locker, so that it didn’t open, which is probably why nobody found it the previous night.

I nearly cried, again.  My migraine came back, maybe from the rush of tension and stress and then relief.  I’m home sick today after 4 days straight with migraines.

Have any of you ever lost YOUR lesson planning bag?


6 thoughts on “catastrophe

  1. I couldn’t find our Hot Wheels this morning, but that’s nothing compared to what you went through. I’m glad you found it.

    I’ve never lost my lesson planning bag because, well, I keep all my lesson planning in my head. I hope I don’t lose that!

  2. Last semester I thought I left a folder for one of my classes on the Metro. It had all my notes, my draft papers, my student observations, my syllabus, and goodness knows what else. I spent a miserable couple of hours until it turned up, neatly tucked into another class folder.

    I’m so glad you found your bag. I’m so sorry about your migranes. Eat well and try to sleep. Thinking of you.

  3. That sounds so stressful! I haven’t lost my lesson plans but I did give away some really cool fishing poles on a whim one day that now I totally regret!!!

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