never a dull moment

So Pumpkin walks in the room and says to me, with a devilish grin on his face, “Bagina!”


While I tried to figure out how to respond, he said it again.  “Bagina!”  And he giggled.

“Pumpkin, honey,” I said in a quiet voice.  “That’s a private parts word.  It’s not a school word.”

“Blagina!”  He said, and pointed at the boy next to him.

Um, what?

“What do you mean?”


I was still puzzled.


“You mean, he’s wearing blue jeans?!”  The boy he was pointing to was indeed wearing blue jeans.

Pumpkin nodded and giggled.  “Blajeanza!”  I felt quite relieved.

“Oh, okay.  Blue jeans.  Got it.”

Then he whispered to me.  “Bagina.”

I gave up.


Pumpkin has a little Mini-Me in our class.  Let’s call him Squash.  Squash is the Spanish-speaking version of Pumpkin, in lots of ways.  For one thing, he is dead cute.  Everyone loves him.  Just like Pumpkin, he always has a big smile on his adorable little round face.  And just like Pumpkin, he marches to the beat of his own drummer.

At storytime today Squash kept wiggling around and bugging the kids around him.  I reminded him to sit and listen, but to no avail.  Then I saw him pluck a hair off the head of the child next to him!  Turns out he’d plucked hairs from THREE kids around him, and none of them had complained!  He didn’t seem to understand that this was not okay.  He was holding the hairs and looking at them, fascinated, while the three victims stared at him dolefully.  Miss Slinger had to take him to the office to have the Spanish interpreter talk to him.  When she brought him back  she was trying not to giggle.  Later she told me, “he’s just so freakin’ cute!”

Cute or not, I hope he doesn’t pull out any more hairs.


3 thoughts on “never a dull moment

  1. This one made me laugh out loud. Something about the image of this little guy’s intent study of the hairs while his unlucky science subjects looked on…too funny! Perhaps it wasn’t so funny right in the middle of story time….

  2. I have their cousin and didn’t realize it until today while reading your blog. I thank you for making me see the awesomeness in all children.

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