what’s in my head

  • a migraine, on its way out
  • Raspberry, who does not bring out the best in me
  • my schedule:  two post-observation conferences tomorrow with teachers I observed, one on Friday, and helping out in a K class tomorrow with one of the teachers I mentor, plus several more coaching and observation visits for the next few weeks that I spent an hour scheduling today
  • my to-do list, including library and car dealership for service
  • the rain
  • the cold
  • Miss Slinger, who has strep and has been out for two days — I will probably kiss her feet tomorrow when she walks in
  • the question:  why did I eat such crap food today?
  • my formal observation tomorrow by my mentor, which I almost forgot about
  • the question:  how can I reach the kids who aren’t writing or drawing much of anything during writer’s workshop yet?
  • our budget from the school district for next year, which says we will have 3 1/2 more classrooms next year, but only provides enough extra money for 1/2 of one teacher’s salary
  • that stupid extra fifteen minutes of teaching time for next year, and the fifteen minutes LESS time we will have to prepare
  • spring break, which seems quite far away

4 thoughts on “what’s in my head

  1. I have a Raspberry (or five) that I think is about to break me. I am a first year teacher and my patience for their antics and disobedience wore thin about 3 months ago. Any suggestions for how to cope are welcome. It sounds like things have been hard for you, but being a veteran teacher you are still managing to cope and not flip out. Kudos to you for your composure.

    • Thank you for asking; sorry I’ve been absent. I haven’t been feeling well — more migraines, some winter blues — and haven’t posted for a long time. But I will soon, I promise.

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