The spring blues?

I’m back.  I have been gone because my migraines went haywire again, and I started to feel exhausted all the time.  I went to the doctor about the exhaustion and she said…..”mild depression.”  I was shocked at first, but then a lot of things started to make sense.  I’m on an anti-depressant now, and while it hasn’t started working yet, I’m sure it will soon.  Don’t worry about me — this really is mild.  I’m functioning fine (except for my to-do lists), and much of the time I am also feeling fine.  Mornings are the easiest, somehow.  I enjoy the mornings with the children, and then I go home, worn out, and take a nap.

So, more stories about preschool, public schools, and what it’s really like to be a teacher, coming up.


3 thoughts on “The spring blues?

  1. Take care – I haven’t been the depression route but I can certainly sympathize with having migraines. Luckily they have tapered off now that I’m through menopause – but it was a long haul. Hard to teach and work in a stressful environment with a body and brain that aren’t working pain free!

  2. Welcome back. Looking forward to reading more from you–your posts are inspiring and thought-provoking–but take those breaks when you need them! Your health is the most important thing. Thinking of you!

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