ants! and other thoughts

*A child from the afternoon class accidentally left the ant farm he’d brought in to show his class at school.  My class got to see the ants crawling around, and they were so excited.  The science table was the most popular spot during centers time.

*Our district and our union are having a very hard time coming to an agreement over our new contract.  They have missed multiple deadlines.  Now it’s starting to get ugly.  I get emails from one side, and emails from the other, and they don’t recount the same meeting in the same way.  Someone must be lying, and that pisses me off.  Plus the district sent out letters about the contract negotiations to all the parents in the district, implying that the delays are all the union’s fault.  It was nasty and sly, and I guess the opening salvo in a PR war.  I wore a tshirt supporting the union, and got a funny look from the Prince.  It wasn’t hostile at all; I think he didn’t see me as a union type.  He’s right, I’m not, but I just want a contract and I want to get paid, damn it.

*Cherry missed three days last week and two this week.  She told varying stories — either she didn’t want to come to school and Mom said she didn’t have to, or she was very sick with bad allergies.  I’m worried she and her mother are going down the Chutney and her mom road.  Chutney is gone, for no good reason, and I don’t want to lose Cherry, too.  (This is partly selfish.  Miss Mellow has gotten lots of new students in recent months, and most of them are quite troubled.  I don’t want to have openings that will lead to problem children arriving in my class.  That’s bad, I know, but I love the wonderful, positive energy in my room, and would be sad if it got disrupted.)

*There are a few kids in my class who are still really struggling.  Two of them I am going to refer to early childhood department for assessment.  You can show them a circle, name it, show them other circles, ask them to say “circle” and then a few minutes later, ask “what is this?” while pointing to a circle, and they will have NO idea.  One father said that the special ed referral was fine, but that his son knows numbers, colors, shapes, letters, etc. when he is at home.  If this same child has never shown any signs at all of knowing any of these things in class, what am I supposed to think?

*Others in my class are reading.  And counting to 100.  And naming hexagons.  And writing independently.  (I’m going to be videotaped by the early childhood department in a few weeks, because writer’s workshop is going so well in my room.  In the fall, we can use the video for a workshop on how to teach writer’s workshop, for the other preschool teachers.)

*The weather is ridiculously good for this time of year.  Miss Slinger is loving her new garden.  And I love the flowers that are starting to bloom.  Especially the four year old kind.


2 thoughts on “ants! and other thoughts

  1. I would love to hear more about how you introduce, model, and maintain writers workshop. I teach PreK also and have wanted to try it but the though overwhelms me at times. I have an AM and a PM class like yours and also have several students who LOVE to write. Maybe you could provide a link to the video when it’s completed. Thanks!

    • Um, I’m trying to remain anonymous, so I don’t think I will provide a link to the video — sorry! However, I like your request, and I will soon write a post about writer’s workshop in preschool. Thanks for nudging me!

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