Today a student in my class suddenly went completely out of control.

She was late to class from breakfast, and I had already marked her absent.  I told her she’d need to go to the office for a late pass (that’s how they know who is late, not absent, and can mark the attendance accordingly).  She shook her head no, so I thought maybe she was too shy.  I gave her a friend to go with her; the friend was perfectly happy to do the talking.  Again, no.  So I said, “I’ll take you,” and she said no and started to back away when I took her hand.  I tried walking toward the office, but she was pulling away, and I didn’t want to hurt her.  I ended up carrying her the short distance to the office.  Once there, I told the Spanish translator that we needed a late pass, and would he please call her mother?  Then she ran away, back to the classroom.  This was her second day in a row of not listening to me or being willing to do what I asked (yesterday refused to go to gym class), so I called the behavior room.

A staffer who speaks Spanish, and knows this child, came downstairs to take her for a walk in the building and talk to her.

Next thing I know, the behavior lady was calling me, with screaming in the background, to tell me that my preschooler had attacked the staffer — hit, kicked, and BIT him!  And now she was in the behavior room, screaming bloody murder.

She was sent home with a social worker.

I told Miss Mellow, who had originally had the child in her class, and she told me that Mom had requested a behavior evaluation!  She was having terrible behavior at home.  I never knew this.  Apparently there is some paperwork somewhere, on hold, because in both Miss Mellow’s class and mine, she has been mostly fine.  I’ve had some moments where things just didn’t seem right, but it was always kind of nebulous.  Now, that paperwork needs to be found and other options looked into.

But it is exhausting, and sad.


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