Miss Brooks

Today I sat down at morning meeting and said, with a look of incredulousness, “I have a great book to read to you.  It’s about a little girl who DOESN’T….LIKE….BOOKS!”  The children laughed.  I replied, “I know, it’s hard to believe.  How could anyone not like books?!”

Miss Brooks is a keeper.  The kids loved it, especially since Miss Brooks dresses up like the Very Hungry Caterpillar on one page, and we’ve been reading that in class for our Insects unit.  Shrek features prominently in the book, so now I have to get that — the original book, of course — and read it to the class.

I particularly like the way the main character dresses — fisherman’s hat, overalls, and glasses — and I loved the part with the warts.

I found this book through my searches for great kids’ books.  Anyone have websites or blogs for new children’s and YA books that you want to recommend?


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