teacher talents

I have been selected in a meme by Organized Chaos, on the things teachers can do that don’t exactly go on a resume.  Here is my list of hidden teacher talents:

  • can instantly tell when a child returning from the bathroom didn’t wash his/her hands
  • can tell when a child needs to go to the bathroom, even if he/she doesn’t even realize it yet
  • can recite Where the Wild Things Are from memory (I have actually done this at parties)
  • can read upside down with ease
  • can spot problems before they even happen
  • can get twenty four year olds to walk in a quiet line through the halls
  • can make up a lesson plan on the spot
  • can read a children’s book aloud so skillfully that the children are rapt with attention
  • can “laminate” with contact paper without any bubbles or wrinkles
  • can give animated, detailed lessons on how to put a cap on a marker, how to clean up the floor with masking tape, how to pee in the potty instead of on the floor, how to wipe, how to wash hands, how to blow your nose, how it’s not okay to pick your nose, how germs are spread, how to put on your jacket (the Preschool Flip!), how to put your napkin in your lap, and many more
  • can get through a lockdown drill without anybody getting scared
  • can do marvelous things with construction paper, tape, rubber cement, scissors, and markers

I’m going to meme five more talented teachers, to find out what their hidden talents are:

  1. Don’t Put Your Boogers in Your Neighbor’s Cereal
  2. Kindergarten 3 R’s
  3. Teacher Tom
  4. Miss Brave
  5. Progressive Early Childhood Education

Let us know your hidden talents, and meme five other talented teachers.


8 thoughts on “teacher talents

  1. Impressive list! I love being able to read upside down, it comes in very handy at group time. Imagine putting that on a resume! I’ll do the meme in a day or two or so… I need to think of my own talents!

    • I wish I could laminate without bubbles, because that is one I’ve never managed to perfection.

      I can however, cut out numerous items without pattern,
      keep track of an entire classroom by positioning myself strategically in any part of the room and calm crying children by teaching them to count.

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  3. i love them!! Great talents! Its amazing how we can do so many things in one day and the pay still isn’t good!!

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