Me and Roald Dahl

This is a teacher blog.  About teachers.  And preschoolers.  It’s not actually a blog about the late, great Roald Dahl.

However, a single, toss-off post I wrote two years ago about a new comedy prize for children’s books named for Dahl has been my most popular post ever.  I get visitors to my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY because they typed something about Dahl into their search engines.   And it was just a brief mention of a book prize that I thought sounded cool.  I’m sure plenty of other people and other websites posted about it.

So today I went to Google and typed in some of the things people have used to find my blog.  “roald dahl books” got me nowhere, yet on each of the last two days, five people found me with that phrase.  I went through ten pages on the “roald dahl characters” search, and didn’t see my blog, even though forty people have found me in the past week with that phrase.  I tried “roald dahl funny prize” and found my blog — but not until the fourth page.  I’m not even counting all the other search phrases people have used in just the last week:  roald dahl, roald dahl pictures, books by roald dahl, roald dahls books, roald dahl character illustrations, roald dahl book characters…….

I only posted about Dahl once.  I post about Mo Willems more than that, but Mo doesn’t bring me the traffic, for some reason!  So I guess Roald is my hero.

2 thoughts on “Me and Roald Dahl

  1. You’re lucky, Kiri. It’s not my most read post, but last summer I wrote a post about a very charming con man my wife and I met here in Seattle named J. William Oldenburg. I continue to get a steady stream of hits on that post and over the months have received several emails from people who have recently met him and had turned to the internet to check if he was legit.

    Roald Dahl is much better.

  2. Tom, I had to check out your post. I loved that your wife immediately pegged Oldenburg as a con man, and I enjoyed the blueberry story, as well.

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