some days are like that

This was an interesting day.  It started with a teacher pulling me aside and asking me if she could talk to me.  We ducked into the library to talk, and she said, “Why did you recommend against me getting tenure?”  How’s that for awkward?!

She made the point that I have never seen her teach, and I agreed.  I told her that I based my recommendation (which was unanimously agreed with by the rest of the team) on her lack of professionalism.  I said, “You seem very negative, you complain a lot, you come late to our required professional development — or skip it altogether — and you make it clear that you are unwilling to implement any of the things we are learning about in our PD group.”

She wasn’t angry, it seemed, but just curious.  She asked why I was on her team, and I said I didn’t know, that I didn’t place myself on it.  I said I assumed that she had put me on the team a long time ago.

Next, I went to a meeting to discuss how our professional development will be structured next year, without any of the master teachers (who provide the PD) present.  Many of the ideas shared were good ones, but there is a core group of complainers who….complained.  They also said that if we end up doing things their way, then they will be happy and learn lots of stuff.  Sorry, guys, I don’t buy it.  For three years this group has complained about PD and been completely closed to learning anything new, to implementing any of our initiatives (most of which come from the district), to reflect on their own teaching, or to wonder why the test scores of the kids in their classes are such an outrage.  They’ve never thought to wonder why their students are failing — and why we as a staff are failing our students.

Then I went to class, where I listened to a phone message from Cherry’s mom saying that she has pulled Cherry from school, she won’t be back, and that’s her final decision.  She didn’t give a reason, but our sub gym teacher has been rude to Cherry and very unprofessional, and Cherry’s mom was really upset about it.  I’m pretty sure that’s her reason.  AUGH.  She did just what Chutney’s mom did, and I’m sorry, but both mothers made the wrong decision.

The kids were fine, and the morning was fine — we looked at my great-grandmother’s quilt and talked about patterns and quilting — but now that I am at home I feel pretty worn out.


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