Raspberry’s progress

At recess today Miss Slinger remarked upon how well Raspberry is doing.

“Remember when she used to come in the room and make those horrible faces at us?”  she asked, smiling.  I do remember, indeed.

“My theory is that she had no idea how to act at school, she was very immature, and she was scared, so that behavior was how she covered for it,” I replied.

Raspberry blends in pretty well these days.  She talks to friends — actual conversations — and she participates in class, and she no longer grimaces at me if I so much as speak to her, nor does she have a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.  I’m so relieved her mother put Raspberry in my class; imagine if she hadn’t had any preK experience, and then went off to kindergarten with those behaviors!

Here’s a sweet exchange I had with Raspberry at fingerpainting today:

Mrs. X:  Which hand do you paint with?

Raspberry:  This one.  ‘Cause it’s the cute one.

(She smiled proudly at her right hand, then started painting.)


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